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Macclesfield: Corner Shop and barber's shop off Park Green and Parsonage Street

Ref No:c02810
Date Period:1960 to 1969
Date of Image:1960 to 1969
Title:Macclesfield: Corner Shop and barber's shop off Park Green and Parsonage Street
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Steven Wilson told us on 28th March, 2016 that "I recall these premises on Park Green at the junction with Parsonage Street. The second shop with the person in the white coat was Shingles barbers shop. You can see the barber's pole above the window. There were two brothers and they were well known for their comical banter with the customers". Thank you Steven for the great information!

John Hudson told us on 10th December, 2015 that "This is on the corner of Park Green and Parsonage Street, by the side of what is now Wetherspoons in Macclesfield." Thank you John!

Susan and Timothy Dobson told us on 17th June, 2017 that "The 'Nostalgia' pages of the 'Macclesfield Express' are one of its highlights. 14 June 2017's edition was particularly interesting to our family with the photographs of Colin Shingles on the doorstep of the Barber's shop. The Shingles shop was a hive of industry,and not only did Cecil and Colin deal with the menfolk but their younger sister, Mabel, ran a ladies' salon on the next floor while their mother repaired umbrellas as her speciality. Colin also did chiropody. There was fierce rivalry between the two brothers and neither would sweep an inch of the other's floor space in collecting up the hair that gathered there. They also catered for those gentlemen who could not get to the shop by visiting after hours. My father, once having retired early, had to get up just before midnight because a customer had arrived for a trim.But our real focus of interest was on next door. We were delighted to see such a wonderful photo of my late husband's family home which brought so many vivid memories. The business of Whittaker's painter and decorator dates back to 1906 when William Whittaker, his wife Emily, and their three small daughters, May, Doris and Elsie, took up residence in 1 Parsonage Street/39 Park Green. The property, rented from Macclesfield Corporation, was still in the same family until demolition in August 1970.May married Tom Dobson in 1927 and lived with William and Emily until William died in December 1934. He lived long enough to see his grandson, Philip Dobson, my husband but died ten months after his birth. The business carried on with Emily running the shop and William's nephew, Arthur Whittaker, the business until it was obliged to close by demolition.Other businesses in the row were Ernie Stonely sewing machines who fettled the equipment in the many silk embroidery mills e.g Hewetson, and Mellor's paper shop. They were all lovely people who lived on their own premises. The Whittakers' house was strangely interlocked with the Shingles, due to the cornerways plan. One of the upper rooms in the Shingles' shop was in fact above Whittakers' dining room. The cellar in 39 Park Green ran other houses. A small room on the top floor of 1 Parsonage Street had a shuttered aperture in the wall that looked into a long garret that ran over several cottages in Parsonage Street where the paint was stored and mixed. The entrance to this was on the communal yard below by climbing a steep set of stone steps. The window in what was later the bathroom wall was to allow William to pay his workmen's wages in the paint mixing department.Park Green was a fascinating place to live. Across Parsonage Street was Adshead brewery and their beer fumes to waft you to sleep; a constant flow of visitors seeking a cup of tea, a convenient place to leave their shopping or just to spend a penny so there was never a quiet moment. Parsonage Street housed many interesting characters, Arthur Elkin's factory, a mission hall and of course a range of Park Green shops within easy reach. Thank you so much for evoking so many good memories of a lovely family home that served four generations of William Whittaker's family, next to their dear friends, the Shingles. And an extra surprise, May and Tom Dobson, my in-laws, are on the photograph at the window above the shop!!" What fantastic memories, thank you Susan and Timothy!