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Place unknown: Unidentified family

Ref No:c08736
Date Period:Date_Unknown
Title:Place unknown: Unidentified family
Description:Image of a family wearing unsual headwear
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C. Laidlar told us that "This reminds me of an old photo we had from an event at Dunham Massey put on by the Stamfords towards the end of or just after the 1st World War. Information on the back indicated that it was a fund raiser with a lot of people in costume". What do you think, please? Thank you C. Laidlar. Gordon Daniels told us on 8th November, 2016 that "Having looked at the dresses, backed up by the architectural style of the church tower, the picture appears to have been taken in the Zeeland area of The Netherlands". Thank you Gordon, you could well be right on this one!