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Woodford: Avro Anson Production

Ref No:c02555
Date Period:1940 to 1949
Date of Image:1948
Title:Woodford: Avro Anson Production
Description:Production line of aircraft for the Afghan Air force, not Allied Forces.
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<span style="font-size: x-small;">Phil Pritchard tells us that "Not WW2, but should be dated 1948. Picture shows an order for Avro Ansons being built for the Afghan Air Force: 12 aircraft ordered from A.V. Roe And Co. Ltd., Chadderton, Lancs., for the Afgan Air Force, to Avro Works Order No. Sales 105. Delivered between May and October, 1948. YA-A.251 - YA-A.262 1465-1476 Mk.18 12 YA-A.251 1509 (1) Replacement aircraft - see Note 5. From: . Wow! very detailed information, thank you Phil.</span>

Mike Smith confirmed that "This is not a WWII production line. In the background can be seen the Avro Tudor production line. The first Tudor did not make it's maiden flight until March 1946." Thank you Mike.